Ryan ‘Icculus’ Gordon explains game development for Linux

By | December 6, 2012

The following presentation video of Ryan ‘Icculus’ Gordon‘s talk is a must for those, who are interested in the modern game development, want to learn more about the technology behind it, or even going to port or develop a game to Linux. In his talk at the conference Flouish 2012 in Chicago Icculus presented some of the leading open source technologies that are used for the development of modern games like Crysis or World of Warcraft, and which he has used porting games to Linux and Mac OS X. Among other things, he talks about SDLOpenALSQLiteLUA and many others.

Icculus is very well known in the Linux community for his excellent and very dedicated work porting games to Linux. He has ported a huge number of games, like Unreal Tournament, Prey, Braid, Shank and much more. Given an increased demand of Linux developers at Valve and other game companies today, Icculus talk could help interested developers to prepare for the one or the other job with the recommended tools by him. Here is the video of this talk:

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