New NVIDIA driver supports Optimus

The graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA has released a new beta version 319.12 of its graphics driver. The new version includes a lot of new features and improvements. Probably the biggest feature is the initial support of the Optimus technology, which allows dynamic switching between a mobile NVIDIA graphics card and an integrated graphics chip, like one from Intel.

Nvidia Optimus technology allows providing of a maximum performance for a minimum power draw on mobile devices, such as notebooks or ultrabooks, by switchnig between the GPUs.

In addition, the new driver includes following improvements:

- Support for GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST graphics card
- Support for RandR 1.4
- Introduction of "Application Profiles" on the client side
- Improving of the debug capabilities for the OpenGL libraries
- Various graphics rendering performance improvements
- Adding of new configuration features to the nvdia-settings control panel, like integration of a new page for displaying video acceleration capabilities VDPAU
- Various nvidia-installer improvements

Further information about the new NVIDIA driver and the driver itself can be found here.