Ubuntu 12.04 released


It's time again - a new version of Ubuntu with the Long Term Support for the next 5 years has been released. What offers the new version for the Linux gamers?

First and foremost, an easy to use and simply beautiful desktop - Unity, which does not only feel much smoother and more attractive in comparison to its predecessor, but also brings better configuration possibilities. For example, the size and behavior of the toolbar Dash could be easily adjusted now. In addition, among other things, Unity has better Multi-Monitor support.

One of the highlights of Ubuntu 12.04 is, without a doubt, the new application menu Head-Up Display (HUD), that provides an unique way to use the applications functions. So pressing the Alt key will fade in an input bar, where the user can filter and perform desired functions. While the new menu already offers a very convenient way to use the application functions with the keyboard, it can be expanded with a voice control in a future release.

The Ubuntu Sofware Center, that gives gamers an instant access to such gems like Braid, Oil Rush or World of Goo, was further polished.

All in all, the new version of Ubuntu makes a very solid impression.