Install Steam on Linux easily

Steam for Linux

In our first article we show the easiest way of installing Steam on Linux. To get it done we use Codeweavers CrossOver XI. The new version of CrossOver was released recently with a lot of improvements. For the following screen cast we have used a fresh Ubuntu 11.10 installation and CrossOver XI.

As you see it only needs a few minutes to get Steam on Linux working. Codeweavers - the company behind CrossOver - drives the development of Wine - the open source windows runtime environment for many years now. It maintains a huge compatibility database with different information regarding running windows applications with CrossOver. For example it contains a Tips & Tricks” section, screenshots and a very active community forum about games and other applications.

However CrossOver is a paid application with only two weeks trial period. Purchasing Crossover users receive updates for one year including new versions. Furthermore there is a great official support system apart from active community support for CrossOver. With paying for the product you support the development of Wine lastly.

For those who find no pleasure in CrossOver, we are going to show the installation of Steam with Wine in one of the upcoming articles. Till then play your Steam games with CrossOver.