Alienware/Dell sells Gaming PCs with Ubuntu

Alienware Ubuntu Gaming Desktop

Dell has started selling the Alienware X51 gaming desktop with Ubuntu on it. The X51 series is particularly an eye-catching device due to its compact size which is comparable with the dimensions of the current consoles. Dell advertises Ubuntu with the slogan „Simple and Stylish“. Moreover, the Steam Big Picture Mode on Ubuntu is billed as the ultimate gaming solution for the living room.

John Carmack: "Improving Wine better than native ports"

John Carmack

The game pioneer and id Software's co-founder John Carmack has already expressed some concerns regarding the viability of Linux as a gaming platform. Now he has published a comment on Twitter, in which he said that improving Wine is a better way for Gaming on Linux than porting games to the OS.

Ryan Gordon: „Good foundations to an awesome 2013“

Ryan 'Icculus' Gordon

Recently Ryan C. Gordon gave an interesting interview to the gaming blog In this interview he addressed the newsworthy topics such as the latest developments in the Linux gaming world, Steam for Linux and Ryan's experience designing a universal binary format for Linux FatELF. For those who does not know him: Ryan 'Icculus' Gordon is one of the most famous game porters for Linux who has ported, among other things, countless games from the Humble Indie Bundle series, Prey, Unreal Tournament, and many many more to Linux.

PC Strikes Back

Steam Big Picture

Yesterday the public beta of Steam Big Picture Mode was started. With the optimization for using with TV and with a sophisticated control system, Steam and thus the PC platform enters to compete with game consoles. Of course, all games out of the Steam library can be used in the Big Picture Mode and it is still possible to use mouse and keyboard controllers. Have not we been waiting for a PC-console for years? Now it's here:


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