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Games that you can play on the linux platform

GOG has released 50 games for Linux, formerly known as Good Old Games, is a popular digital gaming platform for distribution successful, mainly older, classic PC games. In 2012, the Linux community asked for the Linux games on the GOGs wishlist. Today, 2 years later, the waiting has finally come to an end – 50 games has been released for Linux. Among… Read More »

The Witcher 2 released for Linux

After the announcement of Steam Machines, a huge Linux games flow simply does not stop. This time, an amazing award-winning title The Witcher 2: Assasins of Kings has been released for Linux on Steam. The game is fascinating especially with its exciting non-linear story, in which the protagonist Geralt can be performed to five different endings, depending on… Read More »

Portal 2 Released for Linux

The most successful game titles poduced by Valve and generally one of the most successful computer games, has been released for Linux. While the first Portal has been available on Linux for a year now, Valve was working on other titles for Linux, like Left 4 Dead 2, Dota 2 or the new game consoles “Steam machines”,… Read More »

Total War Series finally appears on Linux

The British video games company The Creative Assembly has finally begun releasing successful strategy games of the Total War series for Linux. The first title that was published recently is Empire: Total War. All the games of the series Total War combine turn-based resource management, with real-time strategy battles. Now the Linux gamers can hope that… Read More »

The first “Steam Machine” has been revealed

“Steam Machines” from Valve to “conquer” the living room, the first “Steam Machine” has been revealed recently. The American company iBuyPower has revealed its own vision of a Steam box to compete with the recently released game consoles from Microsoft and Sony. The new Steam box will be available in two versions, codenamed Gordon and Freeman. It should… Read More »

Metro Last Light released for Linux

Since the announcement of Steam Machines, more and more AAA games are being released for Linux. This time, the Ukrainian development studio 4A Games and the German Game Publisher Deep Silver have published the very successful and, perhaps graphically the most elaborate first-person shooter for Linux at the moment, Metro Last Light. With very sophisticated and… Read More »

Leadwerks is on the way to Steam Dev Days

In June, we have already reported about the Software company Leadwerks porting its game development toolkits Leadwerks 3 to Linux. This should not only help to promote Linux as a gaming platform but also as a platform for the game development. After reaching its goal on, Leadwerks has started the beta testing Leadwerks 3.1 on Linux.… Read More »

Linux only needs ONE killer app!

Lars Gustavsson, the creative director of the game studio DICE, thinks that one killer app would be enough for making Linux more popular as a gaming platform. Because of that, he would like to boost the development of companies game titles on Linux. In the meanwhile, we can hope, that the much expected continuation of the… Read More »

Painkiller Hell and Damnation released for Linux

We have already reported that Painkiller: Hell and Damnation was being ported to Linux few months ago. The game developed by Nordic Games is an HD remake of the successful first-person shooter Painkiller from 2004. Now, the closed Linux beta of the game has been announced for all of them who own it on Steam: Dear Painkiller… Read More »

Rome II will be released for SteamOS

The successful game development studio Creative Assembly told in an interview, that the company is going to publish its latest strategy title Rome 2 for SteamOS. Creative Assembly has developed, among others, strategy games Medieval, Shogun and Rome from the series Total War. The Director of the game studio Rob Bartholomew told to the gamer website PCGamesN that… Read More »